Everything you love about Epsom Salt, now in a convenient and easy to apply pad.
MAGNOCARE is a topical wet pad designed as an osmotic agent for external application intended for temporary relief of:

  • Bruises, and sprains associated with muscle and joint injuries
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Insect bites.
  • Stitches and bruising after birth
  • Hematoma prevention
  • Minor pains

MAGNOCARE Wet Pads composed of Magnesium Sulfate. Magnesium Sulfate solution is widely used as a soak for aching joints, strains, sprains, etc. The primary mechanism of action is the formation of an osmotic gradient, meaning more electrolytes are in the pad than inside the swollen tissue, so water tends to be drawn into Magnocare pad though electrolyte equilibrium may be approached. That’s the mechanism that reduces the edema. Magnesium and sulfate are transdermal. This means that they are absorbed into the skin. It has been shown that magnesium reduces inflammation, improves nerve and muscle function and helps to prevent arteries hardening. Sulfates speed up the absorption of nutrients into the cells and detoxify the body efficiently.

Directions for use:
Apply to painful or swollen muscles, legs, joints, insect bites, hemorrhoids, stiches after birth. Let draw and soothe for 30 minutes.
Repeat as needed, for relief of soreness, swelling and hematoma prevention.

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