Company Overview

Naveh Pharma established in 1996, specializes in its advanced R&D, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products with unique characteristics.Since its foundation, Naveh succeeded in developing and manufacturing an impressive product profile consisting of dozens of unique products that are currently marketed globally, as privet labels mainly by leading pharmaceutical companies and sold in all segments of the market. Naveh established a marketing network that includes drug store chains, Health Management Organizations (HMO) , public and private hospitals and pharmacies.

Naveh’s major strength stems from its highly qualified team of professionals that brought robust experience to the Company and have backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and business. The executive team includes 4 members that worked together for a number of years, ensuring a close-knit group specializing in delivering rapid, cost-effective pharmaceutical solutions to the market. All are highly motivated professionals with a strong intent to deliver a high rate of return on their individual skills, talents and efforts in order to position Naveh as a dominant pharmaceutical company.

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