Advanced sleep formula specially developed to support in emotional demand, stress and bad mood

Deep surveys revealed that 48% of the population report a negative change in their mental
state. 63% indicate suffering from sleep problems. Global events are causing complex and
difficult feelings of stress, fear, helplessness, anxiety, anger, guilt, sleep disturbances, and
even a decrease in self-confidence.
Saffrolex® is an advanced dietary supplement specially developed for use in such situations.
It combines plant extracts, vitamins, and natural minerals, whose effects on reducing stress,
promoting relaxation and sleep, and improving mood have been proven in numerous clinical
Saffrolex® contains extracts of Valerian, Passionflower, and Saffron, medicinal plants
known for their beneficial effects in reducing tension and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and
enhancing mood.
Additionally, Saffrolex® contains Magnesium (Magnox) and Vitamin B6 – a combination
serving as a precursor for the production of neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and
Norepinephrine, whose concentration in the body is crucial for mental balance.
The synergy created by the combination of these five ingredients in a single capsule
provides an effective solution for coping with stress, fear, and nervousness, as well as the
accompanying symptoms associated with these conditions.
Recommended dosage: One capsule at bedtime.