Daily Stress Relief

Magnox B6 contains patented magnesium with proven to be the most bioavailable magnesium in matter of absorption into the cells, with a synergetic addition of B6 at a ratio of 1:10, enabling fast relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia.

·         Magnox B6 is the only supplement containing patented magnesium enabling optimal penetration into the cells, proved by a controlled study.

·         Also contains a high concentration of vitamin B6 (at a ratio of 1:10 magnesium: vitamin B6) enabling action to prevent stress (4, 5).

·         Contains vitamin D to increase the absorption of magnesium.

·         A combination that has been proved to help maintain proper functioning of the nervous system and significant relief in states of stress and anxiety.

·         Magnox B6 supports good night sleep

·         Magnox B6 – 1 capsule at bedtime, improving quality of life

Magnesium and stress:

Stress is related to low magnesium diet and magnesium deficiency(1, 2).

Stress causes lose high quantities of magnesium from the cell stores (3), creating a vicious circle in which stress and anxiety causes the loss of magnesium, which causes exacerbation of stress.

Most western population is magnesium deficient exposed to magnesium deficiency related disorders such as stress, anxiety, unease, irritability, and other symptoms that have a negative effect on their quality of life increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

People diagnosed as magnesium deficient (hypomagnesemia) are recommended to take magnesium supplements, however absorption of magnesium supplements compared to the patented magnesium supplement MAGNOX is inferior and mostly with no benefits or effect.

The magnesium found in Magnox, a patented molecule extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel was found to be superior by far to any other magnesium supplement in matter of intracellular absorption (Shechter & Al. 2012) protected by three international patents, (10). This high absorption rate explains its superior effectiveness in treating magnesium deficit, with immediate stress and accompanying symptoms relief.

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