Much More than a saline

A Physiological or hypertonic sea water spray intended for nasal hygiene.
Mermaid Spray is a nasal wash and nasal moisturizer that balances the functioning of the nasal cavities for easier breathing.

Mermaid Spray is a safe nasal cleanser that suits all the family, newborn babies children and adults.

Mermaid Spray is sea water solution, preservative-free, 100 % natural, enriched with trace-elements known for its health benefits.

Mermaid Spray protects the nose by efficiently cleansing nasal passages without harming the nasal mucosa.

Mermaid Spray is a natural product that is used as a therapeutic alternative to vasoconstrictors and nasal decongestants.

Mermaid Spray is Preservative-Free, Safe, Effective, & Natural.

Available in 50 mL & 100 mL BOV Sprays. available also as Privet Label in isotonic or, Hypertonic salt concentrations or supplemented with copper, manganese, aloe-vera, eucalyptus extracts and more.

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