Nasal Gel
Nasal Gel – Prevents the penetration of viruses
through the nose into the respiratory system

What is ViruStop®? Viruses carried in the air that we breathe, cause the development
of colds and flu.
ViruStop® is a nasal gel consisting of hyaluronic acid and cellulose
derivatives. When applied to the nostrils, the gel sticks to the walls of
the nose, viruses that penetrate with the breath, stick to the gel. The gel disrupt the outer layer of
the virus, blocking viral growth and preventing the development of the flu.

Why ViruStop®?

Antiviral substances, such as Chlorex, alcohol or chlorhexidine destroy viruses with simple contact,
but they cannot be applied to the human body without causing severe damage. Most of the
antiviral drugs today work by inhibiting the development of viruses but are unable to destroy them,
furthermore, viruses can change and become resistant to such treatments. In order to overcome
these two obstacles and be able to effectively fight against viral infections, Naveh-Pharma has
found a mechanical and simple method of attack, that is completely different from administering

ViruStop® composed of Hyaluronic acid found to be antiviral and verucidal by involving in cell
membrane-virus developing steps.(1)
Cellulose derivate (HPMC) found to be effective as nasal mucosa barrier acting mechanically as the
intruding virus is bonded to the cellulose that neutralize its development. Cellulose found to be a
barrier enforcing measure against inhaled ambient intruders.(2)(3)
ViruStop® is User friendly and Safe.
ViruStop® is an isotonic nasal gel, it soothes the nasal mucosa, avoids
itch or burning sensation, it balances the mucus membranes keeping
the cilia functioning and vital. ViruStop is non-toxic, safe for all the
family and is preservative free.

How to use ViruStop®?
ViruStop® is effective for several hours in preventing droplet infection,
therefore, it is recommended to apply ViruStop® always before
entering an environment at high risk of infection, such as publictransport,
airplane, sporting events, theaters, crowded places and
before entering enclosed spaces or social gatherings people.