Ear water – drying agent. Prevention of Swimmer’s Ear infection.

What is DryEars Spray?
DryEars is an ear water-removal and drying aid, designed to relieve the unpleasant symptoms and potentially harmful effects of trapped ear-water. It is an ear drop packed in an easy to use 30mL spray bottle.

What are the symptoms of trapped ear-water?
We have all at one time or another experienced the unpleasant symptoms of trapped ear-water:

  • Feeling of pressure and fullness in the ears.
  • Painful ear discomfort.
  • Temporary impairment of hearing.

What causes water to be trapped in the ear?
The external ear canal can be likened to a tube similar to a drinking straw with a closed end. Once water enters this tube (which is unavoidable whenever one’s head is under water), surface tension will cause this water to adhere firmly to the walls of the canal, thereby blocking it.

When does this occur?
At any time when water enters the ear canal, particularly when partaking in:

  • Bathing, showering or washing one’s hair
  • Water sport activities
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Surfing and Wind surfing

Why is this water so difficult to remove?
This is due to surface-tension effect as well as the fact that it is extremely difficult to break the vacuum which is created behind the trapped water in the ear canal.

How does DryEars work?
DryEars works due to its powerful surface-tension releasing properties which quickly dislodge the trapped water from the sides of the ear canal, allowing it to easily run out.

How quickly does DryEars work?
Usually within a few seconds after use.

When should DryEars be used and what is the dosage?
DryEars should be used immediately after leaving the water. Use 1-2 Sprays (Puffs) in each ear. Trapped ear-water will swiftly run out or simply evaporate away.

When should DryEars Spray NOT be used?
DryEars spray is safe for use by adults and children when used as recommended. However, the product should not be used if any ear infection is present, if there is any ear discharge, or for people with a perforated eardrum. The product also may not be used on broken skin, or if pain is experienced. In these cases consultation with a doctor is advised. A mild warming or tingling sensation may be experienced by some individuals when using DryEars and is quite normal.

Besides the discomfort, what happens if trapped ear water is allowed to remain in the ear?
Today, even apparently clear pool or sea water contains pollutants and harmful bacteria. If allowed to remain in contact with the ear, these could lead to painful and unpleasant ear infections, which may require antibiotic treatment, and may definitely ruin a vacation.