ANTI LEG CRAMP – An unusual story of success

NOCTURNAL LEG CRAMPS (NLC), is a phenomenon known to everyone.

We all occasionally experience involuntary nocturnal leg cramps. The cause of this disorder is unknown. The assumption is that it is associated with body magnesium deficiency.

Dozens of double-blind studies in which magnesium and placebo were given tried to prove the relationship between magnesium deficiency and NLC under the assumption that magnesium supplementation might treat and resolve NLC, but, for some reason, in most studies, magnesium supplementation showed the same effectiveness as placebo. In several studies, the placebo even surpassed the magnesium supplement in its effectiveness…!

Few years ago, together with a medical professor, expert in magnesium from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, I developed a special composition of magnesium extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel.

We called it MAGNOX.

Then, I developed a special formulation based on this unique molecule to treat and prevent NOCTURNAL LEG CRAMPS (NLC).

I named the product ANTI LEG CRAMPS and started marketing it.

Being a single man of a small company with only one product, the so-called “ONE MAN SHOW”, I did not have large financial sources for marketing.

I took advantage of the GOOGLE ADWORDS platform. The search words were CRAMPS, MUSCLES MAGNESIUM, NIGHT CRAMPS, etc.

In the banner opened for surfers, I advertised the ANTI LEG CRAMPS preparation and offered a sample of 2-3 capsules with the promise that the product is effective from the first capsule and from the first night, there are no cramps!

The Adwords publication brought about 200 requests for samples every day. It became clear to me the magnitude of NLC and its scope. It turns out that NLC affects dozens of percent of the population over the age of 50 and reaches 50% in those over 80 who wake up in pain several times a night in terrible suffering and a significant decrease in their quality of life. Athletes also suffer greatly from leg cramps, as do 50% of pregnant women starting to feel the cramps from the second trimester of pregnancy.

The sales bar rose steadily and then came phone calls…

The main question was: “what is the magic in in this preparation?”

I answered “Magnesium – simple as that!”

The main response was….”We tried magnesium – it didn’t work!”

Today, I know why.

So, let’s clarify that…

Magnesium is a mineral whose importance to the body is enormous. It participates in about 350 processes in the body, including muscle activity – the heart muscle and the muscles of movement. According to epidemiological studies, most of Western society suffers from magnesium deficiency. The main problem with magnesium is the difficulty in absorbing it from the digestive system into the cells.

The segment in the intestine where most of the magnesium is absorbed is short, a supplement taken by a patient should undergo disintegration and dissolution before it reaches this segment. In addition, magnesium is an intracellular mineral meaning its activity depends on absorption into the cell. Absorption into the cell is done through ion exchange at the designated sites in the cell membrane meaning magnesium is absorbed to the cell only as a free ion!

It turns out that most magnesium supplements do not meet these conditions, so even if they are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream, they are not absorbed into the cells and are excreted quite quickly through the kidney, the bladder, directly into the toilet…

Knowing all of this, I realized that most of the dozens of studies that dealt with magnesium absorption and were published in the medical journals, were based on a serum magnesium test which is no indication at all of absorption into the cells and therefore completely unimportant. Now what is required is a comparative study of magnesium uptake into cells.

Prof. Michael Schechter, one of the leading experts in magnesium, picked up the gauntlet. He tested in a Crossover Comparable study intracellular absorption of magnesium citrate compared to Magnox. The same patients took the citrate for one month and the Magnox for one month with 1-month break (washout). During the three months, four intracellular magnesium tests were taken (at zero times and after 30 days of each type of magnesium consumption). The results showed with the highest statistical probability that the Magnox was absorbed 2.7 times more than magnesium citrate in matter of intracellular absorption. The study was published in 2012 in the most important magazine in magnesium research – MAGNESIUM RESEARCH.

When I realized that I had actually cracked the formula for the intracellular absorption of magnesium, I acted to conduct a double-blind study to test the effectiveness of the ANTI LEG CRAMPS preparation in the treatment and prevention of the NLC.

The study included hundreds of participants, conducted in six medical centers. The results were unequivocal. ANTI LEG CRAMPS found to be effective in the prevention and treatment of NLC superior by far to placebo…!

The study was published in NUTRITION medical magazine in OCTOBER 2021.

This is the first and only study in the world that has proven that magnesium deficiency is an important factor in NLC.

ANTI LEG CRAMPS preparation continues to gain momentum and increase in sales and is the ultimate preparation for preventing muscle cramps in adult athletes and pregnant women.

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