Magnox Shaper

The ultimate shaping formula for better endurance gym.
Multiply the burning of calories from stored fat.

Weight management is the clue to healthy lifestyle. It includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise to equate energy expenditure and energy intake.
Maintaining a healthy weight requires among other, exercise such as walking, running or other sporting activities.

Our body is a machine that consumes fuel (food) that is turned to energy which is used for all body's activities while the surplus is kept as fatty acids. When more food than needed is consumed, the surplus is accumulated as fat in the liver and other tissues, increases weight.

That might reflect in cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver and many more overweight related problems.

Magnox Shaper™ is a shot of 25ml, based on natural ingredients that increase energy production using fats found in fatty tissue as It is a source of energy, improving physical ability - fitness and endurance.

Magnox Shaper™ creates a process in which double quantity of fatty acids in adipose tissue routed directly to the mitochondria (human's body cells organ considered as the energy producer).

Magnox Shaper™ increases the burning of calories from fat (or carbohydrates), reducing extra fat accumulated in the liver while maintaining adequate nutrition. Recent scientific studies aimed at finding mechanisms to reduce global obesity epidemic.

Magnox Shaper™ - implements the results of these scientific studies.

Magnox Shaper™ is aimed to remove excess fat from the body, neutralizing risk factors such as obesity, high cholesterol and Fatty Liver.