Microdiffusion of Thermal Spring Water

A line of Bag-on-Valve Nasal and Ear sprays composed of natural thermal spring water.
Intended for use as a nasal wash and nasal moisturizing agent.

SinuSpa is a nasal micro-diffusion spray intended for daily nasal hygiene that can be used by all family members including babies and children.
Intended to improve nasal hygiene and breathing ability, eliminate nasal congestion, and provide a feeling of easy breathing.

The SinuSpa line is intended for daily use as well as a health remedy for conditions of flu, allergy, and rhinitis. It is 100% natural, safe, and preservative-free.

Does not cause a burning sensation or side effects.

SinuSpa is composed of natural thermal water from the Carpathian Mountains that is rich in mineral salts and trace
elements such as magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, sulfates, and more. It is diluted with purified water to a physiologic concentration.

Available in 50 mL & 100 mL Bag-On-Valve spray devices.

For daily nasal hygiene and prevention of ENT disease
  • Nasal Isotonic
  • Nasal Isotonic Enriched with Aloe Vera

For blocked noses & acute rhinitis
  • Nasal Hypertonic
  • Nasal Hypertonic with Mint